A blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure for correcting deformities, disfigurations and defects of the eyelids. It is also used to aesthetically modify the eye region. The procedure involves repositioning or removal (or even both) of excess tissues such as adipocyte and skin and the reinforcement of the tendon and muscle tissues in the eye region.

Blepharoplasty before and after Blepharoplasty - eyelid surgery before and after

Blepharoplasty Cost

As per the 2013 statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the mean cost of undertaking an eyelift surgery is $2,818. The cost for this procedure varies widely and the aforementioned fee doesn’t account for operating room facilities, anesthesia and related expenses. The surgeon’s fee also varies based on experience, location and procedure he or she opts for. A majority of plastic surgeons offer financing options to cover for the costs of the procedure don’t hesitate to make an enquiry.

The Eyelid surgery cost normally includes:

  • Medical costs
  • Anesthesia fees
  • Medication prescriptions
  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Facility costs

 Lower blepharoplasty

Lower blepharoplasty  involves an incision on the inside of the eyelid or just below the lash line. This is called a transconjunctival approach. This approach allows for easier access to the eyelid adipose tissue without having to make visible incisions, making it perfect for those who need fat to be added or removed. The transconjunctival approach can be used alongside laser resurfacing of the eyelid to reduce wrinkles and lines.

Upper blepharoplasty on the other hand makes use of incisions on the skin for removal of fat and skin. A thin stitch is then used to bind the skin to allow for the creation of an eyelid crease.


When Blepharoplasty is Necessary

Excess fat and skin on the upper eyelid can create a puffy, aged and heavy looking eyelid. Sometimes it can even impair vision. Upper eyelid surgery is performed to get rid of excess fat and skin and at times enhance vision. Double eyelid surgery, also referred to as Asian eyelid surgery or Westernization of the eyelid is performed to create an upper eyelid crease.

Medical Issues Pertaining to Blepharoplasty

Before undergoing this procedure, it is imperative to discuss with your surgeon or doctor on a number of medical issues, these are:

  • Eye exam – It is important to have your eye examined by an eye specialist (ophthalmologist) before undergoing the surgery.
  • Physical health – An examination is necessary to aid your surgeon or doctor to give the green light to the surgery.
  • Risks and potential complications – It is imperative to comprehend the complications and risks that may arise during or after the procedure so that you can make an informed decision.
  • Medical history – It is advisable to inform your doctor of pre-existing medical conditions and any surgery you may have undergone, including the type of anesthesia that was used. Particularly, you should inform your doctor if you are suffering from eye conditions such as dry eye, glaucoma, detached retina, thyroid disorders such as Grave’s disease, wet eye, high blood pressure, diabetes or any other circulatory disorder.

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